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Autopilot and Intune Faults

“When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.” We are deploying thousands of devices with Autopilot and Intune, and the service faults come in battalions. We have been tracking these faults for a while. There are two types: Microsoft identifies a fault with a service announcement We raise a ticket, there is […]

Intune, WDAC and Managed Installer

WDAC has an option (Option 13) to allow apps installed by a Managed Installer. This sounds great! Everything you install using your preferred installer would be allowed, without going to the trouble of creating rules. But there’s a snag. There is no Configuration Service Provider (CSP) to deliver this policy in Intune. The Managed Installer […]

Autopilot Faults and Logs

This is a post about where to look to find the cause when Autopilot fails. By “Autopilot”, I am referring to the whole process of deploying, enrolling and setting up a Windows device. The process really contains several distinct parts: The Out of Box Experience (OOBE) like selecting language, region and keyboard Enrolment in Intune […]

Autopilot Faults and the Network

The list of network requirements for Intune and Autopilot is extensive. This post is about finding out if the client cannot connect to one or more of the required endpoints during Autopilot. Microsoft publishes the list of required endpoints for Autopilot and Intune. There is no point in repeating the information here. The important points […]

Autopilot Faults and Shift+Fn10

Most people probably know that you can break into Autopilot by pressing Shift+Fn10 to bring up a command prompt. Here are some aspects that people may be less aware of. The Command Prompt runs in the security context of DefaultUser0. This is a local admin account used for deployment. The account and the profile are […]

Troubleshooting Faults in Autopilot

I have experienced a lot of faults in the Autopilot service recently. Autopilot is the Microsoft service that configures a Windows desktop out of the box (OOBE), when it first boots up. If you google for Autopilot Failure, or Enrollment Status Page (ESP) Failure, you will find a lot of Microsoft documentation, and secondary documentation […]

Basic Flaws in Intune Package for Microsoft 365 Apps

Intune (or Microsoft Endpoint Manager) has a built in package for Microsoft 365 Apps. This is the obvious package to use to deploy Office 365. But there are several fatal flaws. Intune deploys the Microsoft 365 Apps as a policy. This sounds strange, but it is deployed by the Office CSP. What happens is that […]


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