Phishing scam

At Airdesk we spend a lot of time and money fighting spam. You have to laugh. Here’s a phishing e-mail from: User uvmvfgedoyjj [uvmvfgedoyjj@qiacrz]; on behalf of; Halifax []

Dear Client of Halifax Online!

Summer 2006 has been hard for our Bank due to the increasing number of clandestine practices.
Sensible information about our clients is of constant interest for swindlers.
Lots of people seek protection from the hazard of losing money from their bank accounts.

In this respect, Bank announces that September is the fraud-fight month.
Before Octomber 1st all our clients should activate new account protection system.
We have upgraded and considerably improved it. Top EFT specialists tested the system, and independent experts have already affirmed its reliability.
We do not publish this information in mass media in order that malefactors could not employ it criminally.

You have been randomly chosen for the final testing of the account protection system.
Now we offer you to go to and activate the new security system by entering the Internet banking as always.
Currently you may notice some defects.
We are aware of them so you do not have to inform us of these problems, we shall obviate the difficulties on our own.

Please note that on and after September 1st you will have to use the new security system, otherwise your account will be blocked until your identity is proven.
That is why we strongly recommend changing over to the new security standard as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Fraud Fight Department

Halifax Online

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